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Standard-issue 10 step Report builders are difficult to grasp and limit your ability to explore, discover and interact with the information. InvGate Service Desk’s built-in analytics tool uses an integrated OLAP approach that delivers the data you need, intuitively and in real time.

A new approach to reporting

In traditional helpdesk tools, managers scroll through an endless list of predefined reports in an attempt to guess where the information is hiding. Another common approach is the report building assistant -- a several step process that is usually complex and frustrating.

InvGate Service Desk’s analytics and custom reporting tools use a new approach: interactive, multidimensional OLAP business analytics. With a simple drag and drop you can define:

  • What do you want to see?
  • How do you want to see it?

Because information is displayed immediately, you can adjust and modify the report to drill down and get more details, add more information or perform automatic filtering with just a click. All visualizations are interactive, which is essential to give you the visibility you need to drive process improvement in your service desk.

Custom metrics improve your understanding

Our ticket management OLAP cube has more than 30 metrics. Besides the usual ticket counts and SLA compliance rates, InvGate Service Desk generates information to provide insights into your helpdesk performance, such as:

  • Amount of time your agents spent waiting for customer replies
  • Number of priority changes
  • Rate of Knowledge Base usage for ticket resolutions
  • Number of collaborations between support agents

Adding these is straight-forward: just drag and drop from the metrics list. If you discover something interesting you can simply bookmark your analytics views in order to return to them later.

Information that benefits everyone

Because InvGate Service Desk supports multiple help desks and levels, Analytics does so as well. Reporting tools are available to all service desk coordinators and administrators for their area of responsibility. This ensures full visibility for all the managers and stakeholders in you service desk, empowering each help desk to upgrade their service levels.

Analytics beats reports anytime.

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