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Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Understand the true cost of providing Service Support within your organisation.

Service Desk Time Tracking

Service Desk Time Tracking allows for enhanced budget control and improved forecasting ability within organisations.

The simple and accurate time recording system is incorporated within the ticket, and allows agents to record the number of minutes or hours they spend working on resolution. Coupled with the power of InvGate Analytics, this system allows you to analyze the deployment and consumption of your resources across business units, groups, ticket category, activity type or any number of other variables.

Time Tracking also includes Wait-Time Analysis which monitors the amount of time a ticket has been allocated to each participant, be it the agent, end-user, an approver or an external organisation. The inbuilt reporting functionality automatically analyses this information and provides critical insight for use in performance management or process improvement such as the identification of underperforming teams or process bottlenecks.

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