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From product and technology, to licensing and deployment. We’ve got our most frequently asked questions and answers covered.

The Company

Is InvGate publicly or privately owned?
InvGate is a privately-held company. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we also have offices in the United States and Mexico, and partners across Latam, the United States, Spain, and United Kingdom.
Which regions does InvGate sell to?
Our customers are based across all continents (well, we haven’t quite made it in Antarctica yet), with our sales and support teams physically located in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. We also have partners across Latin America and the United Kingdom.
Does InvGate have regional partners?
We currently work with a number of partners in Latin America, as well as in the United Kingdom. We are also currently, actively seeking partners in the United States, Australia, and the Middle East. If you’re interested in our partner opportunities, please visit our partner page.
Who are InvGate’s key customers?
Some of our high profile customers include: HITACHI, McDonald's, PwC, Globant, Newsan, Toyota, Supervielle, Petrobras, and Universidad Europea de Madrid.
Why isn’t InvGate in the Gartner ITSSM Magic Quadrant?
We’re not alone. Like 400 other IT Service and Support Management (ITSSM) tool vendors, we don’t currently meet the Gartner entry criteria. It’s our ambition to get there.

InvGate Products

How do InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets differ?
The two solutions offer different, but related, capabilities. InvGate Service Desk provides capabilities aligned with help desk and IT service management (ITSM) best practice. InvGate Assets is focused on ensuring that customers can manage, control, and make the most of their investment in IT.
How do InvGate Assets and InvGate Insight differ?

We recommend InvGate Assets for some specific ITAM capabilities, such as:

- Software License Management
- Software Deployment
- Software Metering
- Remote Desktop

For any other asset monitoring capabilities, we recommend InvGate Insight, as it discovers and centralizes physical, virtual, and cloud assets in a single platform, allowing for:

- Inventory of Mobile, Chromebooks, and IoT devices 
- Software Normalization
- Groundwork for CMDB
Why are InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets separate products?
When InvGate was originally founded in 2004 we only offered an asset management solution, introducing the service desk in 2012. At the time, there wasn’t a demand for an all-in-one offering that combined both service desk and asset management capabilities; however it’s important to note that both products are seamlessly integrated.
Are InvGate Service Desk cloud and on-premise products identical in terms of functionality?
Yes, anything made available in our cloud offering, is automatically available in our on-premise version in the next release. New releases are issued every two weeks to both cloud and on-premise customers.
Are there mobile apps for both InvGate products?
We don’t currently have native apps for either products. However, InvGate Service Desk has responsive design (HTML5) making it suitable for small form factor devices.
Which languages do InvGate products support?

InvGate Service Desk currently supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Catalan, and French.

InvGate Insight only supports English at the moment.

InvGate Assets supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


We are happy with our existing IT asset management tool, can we just buy InvGate Service Desk and integrate the two tools?
It depends on which is your existing IT asset management tool. InvGate Service Desk currently integrates with FileWave, Microsoft SCCM, and of course, InvGate Assets and InvGate Insight. However, many other integrations are possible via our API and via Zapier, so you should ask an InvGate representative about your specific scenario.
How would we import asset and end user details into InvGate products?

InvGate Service Desk currently supports AD, LDAP, and OpenLDAP integrations. We also have a number of CSV import tools for various components.

InvGate Insight currently supports LDAP and CSV import.

InvGate Assets has a discovery agent for workstations and servers (Windows, Macs, and Linux). We also have SNMP Network Discovery (no license needed) to discover network printers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc. There is also a manual or CSV import of Assets.

Can we use InvGate Service Desk in other business functions such as HR and Facilities?
Yes. We have many customers using InvGate Service Desk outside of IT. You can learn more about using InvGate for Enterprise Service Management here.
Can InvGate Assets be used to manage non-IT assets?

Yes. Manual and CSV imports of non-IT assets can be managed with ease.


What are the availability targets for InvGate Service Desk Cloud?
Our availability target is 99.9%.
Is InvGate Service Desk ITIL-aligned?
Yes. InvGate Service Desk has been designed based on a practical mix of ITIL best practice and customer needs.
Is InvGate Service Desk PinkVERIFY certified?
Yes, we hold PINK verification for incident management, problem management, change management, and request fulfillment.
Is InvGate publicly or privately owned?
InvGate is a privately-held company. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we also have offices and partners across the globe.

InvGate Technology

What are the delivery method options for InvGate Service Desk, InvGate Insight, and InvGate Assets?

InvGate Service Desk is available as an on-premise solution via perpetual licensing and annual licensing. It’s also available as an annual hosted Cloud solution.

InvGate Insight is available as a SaaS solution via perpetual licensing and annual licensing.

InvGate Assets is available as an on-premise solution via perpetual licensing and annual licensing. We do not currently offer InvGate Assets as a Cloud solution, however this is on our product roadmap.

Which platforms are the on-premise InvGate products available on?
InvGate Service Desk is available on Windows and Linux. InvGate Insight is available on Linux. InvGate Assets is available on Windows.
Can we host InvGate Service Desk in our private cloud?
Yes. Our on-premise option allows you to host InvGate Service Desk in your private cloud.
Why is InvGate Assets not available in the cloud?

At the moment InvGate Assets only runs on Windows and needs direct connectivity with the Agents (i.e for remote desktop and scheduled tasks).

However, InvGate Insight is an asset inventory and monitory solution available in the cloud.

Where is InvGate Service Desk cloud hosted?
InvGate Service Desk’s cloud solution in hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
How are InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets integrated?
The integration is built in via the InvGate Service Desk API.
Are the InvGate products dependent on any other company or third-party products?
Our on-premise solutions are completely independent. For Cloud, AD, and LDAP integrations requires either opening a port or a VPN tunnel.
How can customers customize and configure InvGate products, e.g. code writing, wizards, drag and drop, etc.?
No coding is required. Configurations are all done via point and click and drag and drop.

InvGate Demo and Free Trials

Is there a demo of InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets available?
You can view the InvGate Service Desk demo here, and the InvGate Assets demo here.
Can we try out InvGate Service Desk, InvGate Insight, or InvGate Assets before buying?
Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial for the three products. You can start your trial here.
What happens if the 30-day free trial isn’t enough for my company to make a decision?
Trial extensions are available, please contact sales@invgate.com if this is required.
If we chose to buy InvGate can the trial data and settings be retained?
Yes, all trial data and settings can be retained in both our on-premise and Cloud offerings.
Can we export data from the trial instance if we chose that InvGate isn’t the right solution for us?

InvGate Product Licensing and Pricing

How are InvGate Service Desk, InvGate Insight, and InvGate Assets licensed?

InvGate Service Desk is licensed by the number of technicians. We offer named licensing, concurrent licensing, and a hybrid of the two.

InvGate Insight is licensed by quantity of nodes (CI’s) discovered by the system and/or by the agent.

InvGate Assets is licensed by the number of workstations or servers (physical and virtual) that you need to manage. There is no license requirement for network scanned Assets such as: network printers, routers, switches, firewalls, IP phones, etc. Manually entered or uploaded Fixed Assets also do not require a license.

How much do InvGate Service Desk, InvGate Insight, and InvGate Assets cost?
Pricing is available on request. For a tailored quote please visit our pricing page.
Are there any additional cost modules?
No, everything is provided within the one price.
What are annual support and maintenance fees for the on-premise products?
For on-premise, annual support and maintenance fees are 20% of the overall license cost.
How do I order and pay for InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets?
Ordering details are provided within your quote. Payment is accepted via wire transfer, physical check, e-check, or credit card.
How easy is it to buy additional licenses/subscriptions or to reduce subscriptions as our needs change over time?
Please ask your InvGate representative and they will provide you with a quote.

InvGate Implementation/Deployment and Upgrades

How long does it take to implement/deploy InvGate products?

A basic deployment (with minimal feature utilization) of InvGate Service Desk can be live in less than an hour. This includes:

- Installation or hosted cloud creation

- AD and LDAP integration

- Technician group structure

- Service catalog category structure

- Email integration (optional)

A basic deployment (with minimal feature utilization) of InvGate Insight can be live in 15 minutes. This includes:

- InvGate Insight agent deployment and synchronization through GPO or WMI

- AWS, Azure, and Google Suite Admin integration

A basic deployment (with minimal feature utilization) of InvGate Assets can be live in 15 minutes. This includes:

- Installation

- Deploy the Agent on Active Directory (AD) through Group Policy Object (GPO)

- IP range(s) for network discovery

Will we need third-party people to implement InvGate products?
No. InvGate is designed to be intuitive and easy to configure.
Can we import the data from our current service desk product?
Yes. We have a number of import tools for our products.
How often do you release new versions?
We provide a major release once per year, which includes things such as new functionality and significant enhancements to core features. In addition, we provide minor releases multiple times per month, which includes things such as fixes and small feature updates. This is the same regardless of your delivery model (Cloud or On Premise).
Is there an extra charge to get new releases?
No. All releases are included in your annual maintenance plan or Cloud subscription.
How long do customer upgrades take?
Less than 15 minutes. Typically 5-10 minutes in most cases.
Post implementation, what solution/system management resource is required internally and/or externally?
This differs from deployment to deployment. At a basic level, the systems run themselves, although we do advise that each customer has one “product administrator” to maintain any ongoing configurations, such as new services offered to your end users, or to create new reports required by management.
What levels of training do users, end users, and administrators require? How is this provided/received?
No training is required, but online How-To videos and our Knowledge Base are available once you become a customer. Any other questions can be asked in the self service portal or via phone. We also offer remote sessions and calls if you feel these are needed.
Do upgrades protect customer customizations?
All configuration is retained, this includes non-sequential upgrades.

InvGate Integrations

What third-party technology integrations are available for InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets?

InvGate Service Desk integrates with out asset management and inventory solutions: InvGate Insight and InvGate Assets.

As for third-parties, InvGate Service Desk offers the following integrations: AD, LDAP, openLDAP, Google authentication, Office 365 and SAML authentication, FileWave, SCCM, Zapier, and email to ticket.

Some of the bespoke integrations are done through our Service Desk API: /service-desk/api/

InvGate Insight offers integration with Google Suite Admin and has an API.

At this time InvGate Assets does not have an API. This is on our product roadmap.

Do InvGate products support LDAP/Exchange integration?
We support LDAP and AD, and POP3 and IMAP inbound email support.
Do InvGate products support single sign-on?
Yes, using Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) and Windows Challenge/Response (NTLM).
Does InvGate Service Desk have a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?
This is not currently offered out-of-the-box.

InvGate Support

How is ongoing technical support provided?
Customers are provided unlimited access to our Web Support Portal (powered by InvGate Service Desk), and to our Self-Service Knowledge Base to access documentation. Email support is also provided, as is scheduled Telephone Support.
What are the key support promises to customers?

Our first response times are as follows:

  • Cloud incidents – services interrupted (1 hour)
  • Critical incidents (2 hours)
  • Other incidents (4 hours)
  • Questions (24 hours)