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Ready-to-use Reports

Ready-to-use Reports

Here at InvGate, we have pooled our years of experience in helping clients to find the information they need to develop a series of Ready-To-Use reports for you.

Our Ready-to-use reports allow you to analyze requests, service levels or SLA performance against the most useful and relevant groups or subcategories in just a few clicks. All the graphs and tables are prepared for you in real time, so you will be able to see what is happening with the minimum amount of fuss. As with all of our features, there is no need to advance forward or backwards in a menu to further explore the details, simply click on the information that interests you and drill down directly into the details.

Ready-to-Use reports give you the basics you need, but why not take your understanding to the next level and obtain deeper insights with Analytics.

Ticket Custom Fields

We understand that you may want to present more or less options to users depending on their role, seniority, department or some special characteristic. Service Desk allows you to manage these differences by creating groups of users and then giving you the option to customize their access. You have the ability to:

  • Present specific fields or options to users when they raise a ticket, including custom fields and dropdowns.
  • Control approval levels, so you restrict approvals based upon level of authority or seniority.
  • Select level of functionality or system control based upon group membership.
Ticket Custom Fields

Integrated Asset Management

Assets is a suite of intelligent solutions to manage change, and maximize the use of resources and make informed IT decisions.

Launch Remote Desktop Control, System Audit and Software Rollout direct from the ticket to investigate and resolve the issues faster than ever before. Learn more about InvGate Assets

Integrated Asset Management


Service Desk Dashboard is a section that collects information in charts about your active requests and your help desks to help you get a quick overview of the status of your work. This information can be grouped by help desk, status, priority, category and be viewed by over 4 types of charts.

Service Desk Dashboard

Custom Views

Service Desk gives you the ability to create your own custom views of the requests deck so you can see the information you want in a single click. This feature is ideal if you regularly need to filter and order your requests in different ways but do not require a full report.

LDAP Import

Automatically import and authenticate users against one or more LDAP servers (such as an Active Directory controller). Users can then be configured within the system and assigned to groups, roles and permissions.

E-mail and Ticket Templates

The automatic emails that the system generates are also completely customizable either using plain text format or HTML. Include the text, formatting and images you want and let the system populate the blanks with the variables you select.


Personalize your Service Desk and make it an integral part of your organization by adding your own Company Branding. Customize your login screen and welcome message as well as include your logo and company name in the toolbars so everyone feels at home.

Data drill-down

See some data or a graph that catches your eye? No need to generate a report to investigate, just click on what interests you and drill down directly into the details.

Multilingual support

Customize the language of the interface displayed to agents and users, and given them the option to choose between English, Spanish or Portuguese. The system also supports Unicode characters so you can create text in any language you like.

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