InvGate Software Deployment and Remote Desktop

InvGate’s IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities include everything that you would expect from a fit-for-purpose ITAM and software asset management (SAM) tool plus so much more, including automated software deployment and remote desktop capabilities for easier software distribution, updates, incident management, and uninstallation.

InvGate Software Deployment and Remote Desktop Capabilities

InvGate Assets Software Deployment is specifically designed to save you time and reduce management costs, with unattended distribution and simultaneous installation of software on multiple workstations anywhere across your network. And, with InvGate Assets Remote Desktop, your IT personnel no longer need to travel great distances to maintain your systems. Instead they can take remote control of workstations, to provide help, resolve issues, and make manual changes where automation is unable to.

Manage from Anywhere
Using InvGate Remote Desktop, IT staff can take total control of end-user workstations remotely, connecting across the organization via LAN and WAN networks. The solution’s 100% web architecture does not require any additional software installation. Virtually every IT operation can be managed from any point on your local network, and any PC located remotely and connected to a WAN can be accessed via VPN (Virtual Private Network).
End-User Privacy
InvGate Remote Desktop not only guarantees fast and easy access from any point, it also ensures the protection of the end user’s privacy. As, when connecting to a remote PC a request window will appear on the end user’s screen, and administrators need to receive an end-user confirmation request to make remote access possible. Using this method of controlled access, InvGate Remote Desktop helps to ensure that end users’ privacy is maintained.
Remote Capabilities
Key capabilities of InvGate Remote Desktop include: end user confirmation before access is given; audit trails of actions taken by the remotely connected administrator; Ctrl + Alt + Del" option to access a blocked workstation; On-demand remote desktop: increased security as it leaves no open ports on the desktop; and windows platform flexibility – Remote Desktop not only guarantees fast and easy access from any point, it also supports a variety of platforms including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.
Software Distribution
A key feature of InvGate Software Deployment is that software distribution can be performed either globally, on groups of workstations defined by the organization, or individual machines. The smart automation can also take into account custom deployment conditions at the time of installation, such as “install the client’s latest VPN version only in those workstations that have it previously installed, and whose software version is inferior to 6.5.”

The Benefits of InvGate Assets Software Deployment and Remote Desktop

InvGate Software Deployment speeds up deployment, reduces end-user idle time during deployment, reduces manual workloads, and maintains your systems with maximum efficiency. And planning maintenance is easier too, you just schedule the time at which you want to perform the installation of the required software patch or update, and for as many machines as needs the patch or update.

Reduce costs
Minimize software management costs, as no IT staff deployment time and costs are required for the distribution and installation of software and files.
Save time
InvGate Remote Desktop minimizes end-user idle time during installation, as the installation time window is much shorter than the manual installation alternative.
Increase efficiency
Remote support provides IT support teams the ability to respond to issues immediately, improving efficiency by eliminating waste. Teams will also benefit from fewer manual errors, and the associated time and costs, due to automation.
Increase customer satisfaction
People want their IT issues or requests actioned as soon as possible. InvGate Remote Desktop enables you to deliver faster and more responsive support by connecting you direct to your end users.