InvGate Service Desk Gamification

InvGate Service Desk’s gamification capabilities – through the use of challenges, engagement, and rewards – helps to improve individual/team motivation and productivity then, in turn, better performance and service delivery.

InvGate Service Desk Gamification Overview

IT support, the service desk, and service desk agents can often be unappreciated and undervalued even though their hard work keeps the business running. That is unless game mechanics, or gamification, is employed to: engage staff in their work, motivate them, engender team comradery, and reinforce the right behaviors. How? It’s because gamification taps into the very-human need for personal recognition, status, and achievement, plus the thrill of competition.

Gamification 101
InvGate Service Desk’s gamification features provide a framework to reward staff, with virtual or tangible incentives for completing tasks that contribute towards the overall team, department, or company goals. Importantly, gamification provides employees with the incentive to meet business objectives without being intrusive, and promotes a competitive team spirit that can become addictive. In short, everyone wins.
Gamification significantly improves the productivity of, and collaboration between, individuals and groups by providing continual feedback on progress, and setting daily tasks that are aligned with long terms goals. As more tasks are completed, the ranking, or skill level of individuals, is increased – thus providing recognition for their hard work and an increased motivation to continue improving.
These can be for an individual completing a given task or a team/department contribution towards a goal comprised of many parts. For example, service desk agents who complete the quest of closing 20 tickets with a customer satisfaction rating greater than four win 100 points towards their personal total (and ranking). Importantly, administrators can define new quests that are easily configured to match the goals and objectives that are specific to your business environment.
Staff are better motivated, receive reward and recognition, and are happier and more productive. For your service desk this translates into: higher levels of service, faster response times, increased productivity, greater collaboration, and greater visibility of the value that IT delivers to the business.

The Benefits of InvGate Service Desk Gamification

InvGate Service Desk’s gamification capabilities, available in both on-premise and SaaS versions, helps you to get the best out of service desk and other IT support staff, with additional associated benefits.

A better customer experience
The right quests will focus on both the achievement of tasks and a high level of customer satisfaction. Thus, helping service desk agents to focus on, and deliver, the right balance of speed and service quality to meet end user and customer expectations.
Increased knowledge levels
Not only does gamification encourage individuals to improve their level of IT and business knowledge, the fact that staff are more engaged and motivated also reduces staff churn. Thus, ensuring that critical knowledge is retained within the IT support team.
Improved efficiency
The competitive nature of gamification focuses IT support staff on the right things, with the quest-based targets key in upping personal and team productivity to optimal levels.
A more motivated workforce
As gamification is not just about hitting individual and team targets, it’s also about increasing employee engagement, motivation, and aspects of personal esteem and self-actualization.