InvGate Problem Management

In addition to traditional ticketing capabilities for incident management and service request fulfilment, InvGate Service Desk offers PinkVERIFY-certified problem management capabilities that help to reduce the impact of repeat issues, known errors, and known problems.

Problem Management Capabilities

InvGate Service Desk provides you with a number of time-saving problem management capabilities, in addition to enabling the process for progressing problems through the problem lifecycle and providing much-needed insight into progress. Given the non-stop flow of incidents to the service desk, organizations can struggle to find the time and resource to undertake problem management – this is where InvGate will help.

Alignment with ITIL Best Practice
InvGate Service Desk has been built as the optimal blend of ITIL best practice and customers’ real-world IT service management (ITSM) needs. You don’t have to take our word for it – the global ITSM consultancy and training provider, Pink Elephant, has certified InvGate Service Desk’s problem management capabilities as ITIL-aligned.
Workflow and Automation
Let the technology help you speed up and progress problem management activities – from problem identification, logging, investigation and root cause analysis, through to workaround creation and resolution via the change management process. InvGate Service Desk will help you to help yourself by identifying and removing recurring incidents and the associated business impact.
Proactive Problem Management
InvGate’s problem management capabilities not only allow you to identify recurring incidents types as problems, there’s also the ability to tackle potential issues early and before they become problems. Thus, avoiding not only an influx of service desk tickets, but also the potential adverse business impact associated with the issues.
Integration with Other ITSM Processes
InvGate Service Desk is a single ITSM solution on a single technology platform such that the problem management module automatically works with other ITSM capabilities such as incident, change, and configuration management. For example, a request for change (RFC) can be created directly from the problem record once a resolution has been identified.
Global Ticket Update and Closure
InvGate Service Desk links problems to the associated incident tickets, offering the ability for service desk agents to update these tickets collectively rather than needing to do so individually. In doing so, end users are always empowered to access the most up-to-date information on their issues, and the associated problems, via self-service.
Reporting and Analytics
As with all InvGate Service Desk modules, problem management is supported by a full reporting and analytics suite that allows problem managers and senior management to understand how well the process is performing – from problem identification through to resolution. These capabilities also include the ability to identify process improvements plus meeting governance needs such as audit trails.
Problem Management Templates
Within InvGate Service Desk there are a number of problem management best practice templates available to help you quickly get up to speed. These are designed to help identify root causes, evaluate risks, establish costs, and to understand the levels of problem management success. The InvGate graphical workflow engine can also be used to quickly create bespoke templates for your organization.

The Benefits of InvGate Problem Management

InvGate Service Desk will help your company from wasting time and resource on recurring incidents that could be avoided through effective problem management activity. InvGate’s problem management capabilities will help IT teams to systematically identify, understand the root causes of, and remedy problems to improve day-to-day service desk operations and IT service delivery. The benefits include:

Prevention of business-affecting problems
Removing problems and managing risks before they can adversely impact business operations is a great bonus for IT support teams. Particularly with the identification of issues that will ultimately manifest in widely-affecting major incidents.
Improved customer satisfaction
Effective problem management reduces the recurrence of commonly-experienced IT issues and their unfortunate effect on business operations. This will have a positive impact on both service desk agent and end-user satisfaction.
Better major incident management
InvGate’s problem management capabilities can also be applied for root cause analysis and resolution post major incidents. It can be used as the backbone of the post major incident review process to improve not only IT services, but also the major incident management process itself.
Improved staff morale and retention
InvGate Service Desk’s problem management capabilities remove many of the repetitive issues from service desk agents’ queues. It also provides them with much needed information for dealing with known errors and known problems by way of workarounds. Making for happier IT support staff and a greater probability that they will stay with the team.