InvGate Knowledge Base

An intuitive knowledge base and knowledge management system, that helps resolve end user issues and requests, resulting in improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and an improved end user experience.

Knowledge Base Overview

Available via both on-premise and SaaS delivery models, The InvGate knowledge base puts knowledge in the hands of people who need it, when they need it. Whether this is IT support staff looking to resolve a ticket or end users wanting to know how to do something via self-help.

Intelligent Systems
It can be difficult for time-strapped service desk agents to create new knowledge articles. Consequently, InvGate Service Desk incorporates intelligent systems to collect and distribute information through its knowledge base. It helps you organize relevant knowledge and information to make it work for you again and again.
Natural Language Technology
As end users create a new self-service ticket, InvGate Natural Language Technology employs advanced heuristics to analyze their text to proactively suggest helpful articles from the knowledge base in real-time. This not only helps to accelerate resolution and to boost end-user satisfaction, it also measurably reduces the volume of tickets. It also tracks the success of each article.
Knowledge Articles
The knowledge base makes it easy for IT support staff to collaborate in the creation of knowledge articles, to capture learnings from existing tickets, and to address FAQs. InvGate Service Desk streamlines the knowledge article creation process by allowing service desk agents to create articles from their day-to-day support work and tickets. This could include rich text, inline images, and video streaming from third-party sites.
End User Feedback
To help ensure the quality and usefulness of knowledge articles, InvGate Service Desk also actively requests end user feedback about knowledge base articles as they use them. You can view end user satisfaction ratings, view counts, and other statistics to ensure that the knowledge base is populated with high quality, timely, and relevant knowledge articles.

The Benefits of InvGate Knowledge Base

InvGate Service Desk’s knowledge base will help your company to up its IT support game. Thanks to the 24/7 availability of knowledge articles, end users can help themselves whenever they need to. End users are also helped by available knowledge while filling out self-service tickets, with InvGate Natural Language Technology used to offer up relevant knowledge articles that might allow them to self-help rather than having to wait for service desk assistance.

Increased speed of service restoration
If end users can help themselves through self-help then it will most likely be a quicker resolution than calling or emailing the service desk. IT support personnel will be able to provide speedier solutions too. This is particularly beneficial to members of staff who might still be learning the ropes.
Cost reductions and time savings
Both quicker IT support generated solutions and end-user self-help reduce the amount of time IT support personnel spend dealing with issues with the associated labor-cost savings. Knowledge management is a business investment that soon pays for itself, while improving quality of service.
Improved customer satisfaction
It’s great if end users can help themselves, and quickly. If end users are engaged with IT support personnel, then the latter’s ability to use knowledge articles to speed up the delivery, and quality, of a solution also helps improve the end user experience and their level of satisfaction.
Improved staff morale and retention
Knowledge articles makes life easier for IT support personnel. Relevant information is easier to access, more tickets will be resolved quickly, and end users will rate the IT support team more highly. All of which leads to happier IT support staff and a greater probability that staff will stay with the team.