InvGate Service Desk

InvGate’s service desk capabilities include everything that you would expect from a fit-for-purpose IT help desk or service desk tool plus so much more, including a seamless integration with InvGate Assets for better IT asset management.

Service Desk Overview

Modern businesses run on IT. And the increased business importance of technology has in turn elevated the importance of IT support, the IT help desk or service desk, and the use of IT service management (ITSM) best practices. The flip side of this is that IT support has become a more difficult task. Not only is there more IT to manage, and potentially more end users to support, business expectations of IT support continue to rise.

Thus the pressures on help desks and the people that provide IT support – such as insufficient hours in the day, a wider range of technologies, or struggling to meet the growing expectations of end users – are growing and they need to find a way to “work smarter, not harder.” Technology can definitely help, with a fit-for-purpose service desk tool being the perfect way to alleviate the pressure, to benefit from automation, and to efficiently share knowledge among IT support staff.

Available as both an on-premise or SaaS solution, InvGate Service Desk is ITIL-aligned, with key capabilities including:

Ticket Management
When an end user has an issue or request, you need to be able to deal with it as quickly as possible. It’s easy to log, manage, and report on the IT issues that are affecting your company and its people, plus service requests. Not only providing a quick resolution but also offering a good end user experience, along with the ability to assess customer satisfaction.
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Knowledge base
Bolster the knowledge of IT support staff, and improve the speed of issue resolution, through the use of knowledge articles. Create articles quickly and make them universally accessible through InvGate’s Natural Language Technology that suggests solutions to IT staff as tickets are created. The articles can also face outwards to end users, via the self-service portal, such that they can easily find the information they need to help themselves.
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Problem management
Given the non-stop flow of incidents to the service desk, organizations often struggle to find the time and resource to undertake problem management to remove recurring issues. InvGate Service Desk provides you with a number of time-saving problem management capabilities, in addition to enabling the process for progressing problems through the problem lifecycle, that will help problem management to “get done.”
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Change management
Modern business change necessitates speed, but with speed comes both IT and business risk. InvGate’s change management capabilities help ensure that all your IT changes are managed efficiently, with risks effectively managed, such that change failures and delays are minimized. Make service desk life easier, and improve IT’s business reputation, by minimizing the level of change-related issues and their unfortunate impact on business operations.
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Designed to be the right blend of ITIL best practice, practical customer needs, and the modern look and feel of consumer-world applications, InvGate Service Desk has PinkVERIFY certification for four ITIL processes: incident, problem, and change management, and request fulfillment. Assuring you that InvGate can be used in your IT operations environment in the knowledge that industry best practices are being employed.
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Reporting and analytics
InvGate Analytics is more than just an advanced reporting tool, with interactive dashboards delivering what IT support teams, and their management, need in real-time. Where users can explore, discover, and interact with data and information intuitively through simple drag-and-drop and drill-down functionality.
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InvGate Service Desk’s self-service capabilities allow customers to provide a modern, consumer-like access and communication channel to end users – with self-help via a predictive knowledge base, service catalog capabilities, end user issue logging, to breaking news broadcast capabilities. Plus of course, self-service also takes the pressure off the IT support team, as end users help themselves, with the associated cost savings.
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You can fully integrate IT with your business processes, and create an automated workflow no matter the department. InvGate Service Desk also simplifies IT support through the use of intelligent automation. For instance, the routing of issue tickets to the most appropriate resolvers or requests to approvers; or the conversion of end-user emails into tickets.
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Service level management and SLAs
Prioritize operations based on impact and urgency plus agreed service level targets. Track tickets through to resolution, get alerted when service level targets are close to breaching or have breached, ultimately helping individuals and the team to meet or exceed your agreed performance levels. Different service levels can apply to both incidents and service requests, for different issue or request types, and for different locations, teams, or roles.
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Improve teamwork, employee engagement, and overall performance with InvGate’s Service Desk gamification capabilities. Here game mechanics can be used to engage IT support employees in their work, to motivate them, to engender team comradery, and to reinforce the right behaviors. Reward staff for contributing to team, department, or company goals as they Battle the Ticket Beast and Quest for better service.
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Multi-department support
While InvGate Service Desk was originally created to help IT professionals deliver and support IT services, it’s equally applicable to other corporate service providers. You can define and flexibly configure groups that directly align to your business and support structure, whether it’s multiple IT service desks or desks across different business functions such as HR and facilities.
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Other valuable capabilities
In addition to all of the key capabilities mentioned such as such as ticket, problem, and change management. InvGate Service Desk also offers a number of additional capabilities such as integrated IT asset management (via InvGate Assets), pre-prepared templates, custom interfaces, intelligent notifications, UI flexibility including company branding, Active Directory import, multilingual support, and more.
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The Benefits of InvGate Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk and formalized IT service management capabilities will help your organization on a number of fronts.

Better IT service delivery
Whether it’s responding to IT issues or providing access to new services, InvGate Service Desk allows customers to optimize IT support capabilities, reduce costs, improve service quality, and provide a better customer experience.
Improved control and better governance
Standardized best practice processes, and enabling technology, provide much needed internal controls and insight into who did what when. The available reporting capabilities also make it much easier to demonstrate that controls have been consistently applied over any given period.
Improved staff morale and retention
InvGate Service Desk makes life easier for IT support personnel. It speeds things up and removes repetitive manual tasks, information is easier to access, and end users will rate the IT support team more highly. All of which make for happier IT support staff.
A platform for improvement
InvGate Service Desk is built upon industry best practice that will allow your IT support team to both standardize and optimize their operations. This standardization will also play a key role in improving operations and IT services over time.