InvGate Change Management

Change is a big part of modern business life. InvGate’s PinkVERIFY-certified change management capabilities ensure that all IT changes are carried out in an efficient and effective way that protects IT services and the business services they support.

Change Management Capabilities

Business change necessitates speed, but with speed comes IT and business risk. InvGate Service Desk’s change management capabilities help you to ensure that all IT changes are managed in an efficient way, with risk effectively managed, such that change delays and failures are minimized. Make life on your service desk easier, and improve IT’s reputation, by minimizing the level of change-related issues and problems.

Alignment with ITIL best practice
InvGate Change Management has been created as an optimal blend of ITIL best practice and customers’ real-world change management needs. In terms of ITIL-alignment, the global IT service management (ITSM) consultancy and training provider, Pink Elephant, has certified InvGate Service Desk for the ITIL change management process.
Workflow and automation
InvGate Service Desk’s change management capabilities have a workflow and automation as their backbone. This takes each request for change (RFC) from logging, through assessment (including the change advisory board (CAB) where needed), to change authorization and the release management process. InvGate supports this through making the required data and information available and providing insight into RFC progression.
Integration with other ITSM processes
InvGate Service Desk is a single ITSM solution built on a single technology platform such that the change management module just works with other ITSM capabilities such as incident, problem, and configuration management. For example, the parties considering a RFC can look to incident, problem, and configuration management data to understand the risks and potential impact associated with it.
Reporting and analytics
As with all InvGate Service Desk modules, change management is supported by a full reporting and analytics suite that allows change managers and senior management to understand how well the change process is performing – from RFC logging through to change approval. These capabilities also meet governance needs around change control such as audit trails.
Change models and templates
InvGate Change Management can be quickly configured to suit your organization’s exact change management needs. With business requirement for more speed (for change), change models can be created based on the level of risk and impact associated with different change types. So, for example, simple changes – with minimal risk and impact – can be pre-approved such that they are in effect service requests.

The Benefits of InvGate Change Management

InvGate Service Desk will help your company better manage change and the associated costs and risks. InvGate’s change management capabilities help IT teams to systematically consider, assess, and approve change through standardized, best practice processes enabled by workflow and automation. They can also be configured to accommodate your company’s appetite for risk. The benefits include:

Prevention of change-related incidents
Different parts of the organization will have different vested interests in the change management process. While much emphasis will be placed on positive aspects such as increased speed and risk mitigation, a big benefit for many – including end users and service desk agents – is the minimization of change related incidents. Which, for many companies, still form too large a part of monthly incident volumes.
Improved change decisions
ITIL-based change management is about involving the right people in change decisions. IT changes don’t happen in a vacuum – they will impact other parts of the IT estate as well as the business as a whole. Thus, InvGate’s change management capabilities allow for the inclusion of relevant parties as RFCs progress through the change lifecycle – including a cross-functional CAB when needed.
Increased customer satisfaction
Effective change management not only speeds up change delivery, it also reduces change-related issues and their unfortunate effect on business operations. This will have a positive impact on both service desk agent and end-user satisfaction; and, in the case of externally-facing technology such as self-help capabilities, it will also help to retain existing customers.
Meeting internal and external governance needs
InvGate’s change management capabilities allow your company to levy the required level of internal control to change, as well as the ability to demonstrate the consistent application of those controls. From ensuring that things are documented (including decisions), that there is adequate business representation and separation of duties, to reports and audit trail availability to interested parties.