InvGate Software License Management

InvGate’s software asset management (SAM) capabilities include everything that you would expect from a fit-for-purpose software license management tool plus so much more, including software metering, software deployment, and remote desktop features.

InvGate Software License Management Capabilities

Keeping an up-to-date record of software licenses, their value, allocation, and expiry is not only necessary for effective cost management, it’s also needed to ensure compliance in the event of a vendor software license audit. InvGate Software Licensing provides all the capabilities required to efficiently, plan, purchase, track, manage, and optimize the use of your software licenses.

Licensing Models
To make the management and optimization of software licenses easier, InvGate IT License Management includes the common licensing models such as per installation, CPU-based, OEM, Open Select, etc. Allowing IT departments to better match software usage to purchased licenses, avoiding the typical over- or under-spend on software licensing scenarios, and the risks and costs associated with each.
Optimize Software Resources
For true optimization of your software resources, InvGate Assets also allows you to: allocate licenses to certain groups of workstations or cost centers; charge cost centers for the software they use, or at least make them aware of the costs they incur, to drive the right behaviors and potentially reduce the overall cost of software; define downgrades for different software license agreements.
Further Optimization
With InvGate you can also relate multiple agreements that affect a specific software application directly or through downgrades; analyze the costs involved in license renewals; and keep a maintenance contract record, according to the different types of license agreements (perpetual license option, term basis license option, etc.)
Software Metering
Optimizing software use across your organization with InvGate’s Software Metering tool. With it you can access comprehensive reporting capabilities, as well as statistics on software utilization, to reduce waste and deploy software asset resources where they are most needed.
Greater Insight
InvGate will provide you with detailed insight into software usage patterns, including the number of users of a software application, the frequency of use, start and stop times, idle time, and peak usage.
Make Informed Decisions
Once you know how software is actually used you can then make informed decisions as to the worth of individual software titles and if the current installations are in the best interest of the business. If software installs are being underutilized then the software can be uninstalled and the license reclaimed for use in another, higher value, situation.

The Benefits of InvGate Software License Management

Software costs can make up a large part of the corporate IT spend, but you can keep on top of cost management, as well as license compliance by utilizing InvGate’s Software License Management capabilities.

Optimize license usage
Dynamic “best-fit” reconciliation of licenses against installed software, to determine whether there is over- or under-licensing.
Reduce waste
Identify unused or underutilized software installs, where the licenses can be reclaimed and reassigned rather than the need to buy new ones.
Reduce IT spend
Spot unused or underutilized concurrent licenses, to ensure that your organization only pays for the software and support it really needs.
Greater ROI
Identify software titles where the business benefit is perceived to be less than the incurred costs. In such cases, the software can be phased out in favor of cheaper or perhaps even free alternatives.