InvGate Insight

Gain unparalleled visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure. Discover and centralize everything you need to know about physical, virtual, and cloud assets in a single platform, laying the groundwork for building a CMDB and a normalized catalog.

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InvGate Insight Overview

A key challenge for organizations is understanding more about their IT estate and how it impacts their performance (including governance and financial aspects).

IT-asset-related data is discovered by, and stored within, disparate IT management tools. Not only does this make it difficult to gain a consistent view of assets across all domains and UIs, it’s also a mammoth effort to achieve a dynamic view of the IT estate and to then leverage it for better management decisions and business outcomes.

InvGate Insight helps with a raft of analytical capabilities that start with the discovery of a unified inventory of all network-connected IT assets – across workstations and servers (including virtual machines), network appliances, mobile devices, cloud instances, and IoT devices – with the ability to access data and insights related to individual and groups of assets.

Available as a SaaS solution, InvGate Insight key capabilities include:


Improved cost management and decision making

InvGate Insight provides your organization with multiple views of asset-related costs. For example, understanding the total cost of ownership of one type of laptop versus another – including the level of incident-related support costs – that can inform decisions related to technology refresh programs or the renegotiation of third-party support and maintenance contracts.


Better risk management

InvGate Insight provides your organization with greater visibility into various aspects of the IT estate – with notifications alerting those who need to take action when an asset or groups of assets exceed a predefined tolerance level. For example, the collective (ill) health of the servers delivering a business-critical service might prompt remedial action before the issue adversely impacts business operations and outcomes.

Improved governance and compliance

Improved governance and compliance

InvGate Insight provides elevated governance and compliance capabilities from a number of perspectives. For example, insight into the level of patching and the prioritization of immediate remedial needs. Or the ability to assess the level of software license compliance across regions and business units and to make decisions, within the confines of licensing agreements, to achieve a compliant corporate perspective.

Superior IT support operations and insight

Superior IT support operations and insight

InvGate Insight provides your organization’s IT service desk and other IT operations teams with individual and consolidated asset insight as and when it’s needed. The view of assets is also enhanced through the native integration with InvGate Service Desk. For example, showing the number of related incidents in an asset group/type’s profile to ascertain their “fitness for purpose.”