\ Leverage ESM With InvGate’s Multi-Departmental Support

InvGate’s Multi-Departmental Support

Enabling companies to leverage service management principles, practices, and technology in any line of business function to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the end user experience.

InvGate Multi-Departmental Support Overview

While InvGate Service Desk was originally created to help IT professionals deliver and support IT services, it’s equally applicable to other corporate service providers – such as HR, facilities, and maintenance – and their needs to deliver and support their service portfolio. This non-IT application of IT service management (ITSM) and service desk best practice and technology by other lines of business is commonly called “outside IT” or “enterprise service management (ESM).”

Outside IT
Other corporate service providers have similar operational and service-based requirements to IT. Thus, these other business functions can also benefit from proven ITSM thinking, practices, and technology – such as ticketing, workflow and automation, knowledge management, and self-service – to increase efficiency and to deliver a better end user or customer experience.
Enterprise Service Management
Capabilities used across different lines of business to deal with customer requests for: help, services, information, and changes to existing services. It replaces the line of business reliance on email, post-it notes, spreadsheets and databases, and personal organizational skills to formalize and automate all interactions between the requester and service provider.
ESM Capabilities
InvGate’s Service Desk enables you to define and configure groups that directly align to your business and support structure. The creation of custom forms and the use of triggers and workflows transforms a support ticket into a request for any action – be it the purchase of new office equipment, a request for annual leave, or the repair of a building or facility. As your business grows, or as its structure changes, it’s a simple process to change the existing set up to what’s now needed.
In addition to providing discreet company environments for each individual line of business, InvGate Service Desk’s flexibility also extends into other areas of configuration such as multilingual and time zone support for international organizations and the ability integrate with existing operating procedures that may require paper-based approval signoff or job management.

The Benefits of InvGate Multi-Departmental Support

Enterprise service management, or the use of ITSM capabilities outside of IT, offers a number of benefits to your organization.

Reduced operational costs and improved efficiency
Many of the ITSM technical capabilities – such as supporting standardized processes, workflow and automation, and notifications/alerting – will remove unnecessary manual effort. This greater efficiency is amplified to when complemented with knowledge management for agents and self-service/self-help capabilities for employees.
Greater visibility into operations and performance
ITSM technology, applied to other lines of business, lets both staff and management understand what has been achieved and what hasn’t. The data/information can also be used as a platform for improvement activity that might relate to services, service level targets, operational performance, or other aspects of delivering services and support.
Improved control and better governance
Standardized best practice processes, and enabling technology, provide much needed internal controls and insight into who did what when. The available reporting capabilities also make it easier to demonstrate that controls have been consistently applied over any given period.
A better return on investment
The more lines of business that use, and benefit from, the ITSM solution the better the overall ROI and ongoing management costs per user. There might also be opportunities to decommission existing line of business systems for additional savings.