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Whether you need to offer IT support, to manage IT services, to manage IT assets, or all three, InvGate is here to help.

InvGate Insight

Your physical, cloud, and virtual assets in one platform.

  • Unified Inventory
  • Software Normalization
  • IT Security Compliance
  • Global Search Bar
  • Automated CMDB Population
  • Analytics on the fly
  • User and Location Management
  • Health Status Rules
  • Integration with AWS, Azure, and Google Suite Admin
  • Integration with Service Desk
InvGate Service Desk

Everything you need to manage your IT support operations.

  • Ticketing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Change Management
  • Self-service
  • Workflows
  • SLAs
  • ITIL
  • Gamification
  • Multi-Department Support
  • Time Tracking
  • LDAP / Active Directory Import
  • Approval Management
  • ITAM Integrations (Insight, Assets, and more)
Note: discounts are provided when purchasing multiple InvGate solutions.
InvGate Assets

Manage ITAM capabilities, IT asset expenditure and usage.

  • Network Discovery
  • Asset Inventory
  • IT Financials
  • Software Licensing
  • Software Metering
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Software Deployment
  • Remote Desktop
  • Integration with Service Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

How do InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets differ?
The two solutions offer different, but related, capabilities. InvGate Service Desk provides capabilities aligned with help desk and IT service management (ITSM) best practice.  InvGate Assets is focused on ensuring that customers can manage, control, and make the most of their investment in IT.
How do InvGate Insight and InvGate Assets differ?

We recommend InvGate Assets for some specific ITAM capabilities, such as:

- Software License Management
- Software Deployment
- Software Metering
- Remote Desktop

For any other asset monitoring capabilities, we recommend InvGate Insight, as it discovers and centralizes physical, virtual, and cloud assets in a single platform, allowing for:

- Inventory of Mobile, Chromebooks, and IoT devices 
- Software Normalization
- Groundwork for CMDB
How are InvGate Service Desk, InvGate Insight, and InvGate Assets licensed?

InvGate Service Desk is licensed by the number of technicians. We offer named licensing, concurrent licensing, and a hybrid of the two.

InvGate Insight is licensed by quantity of nodes (CI’s) discovered by the system and/or by the agent that you need to manage. There is no license requirement for network discovered assets such as: IoT or mobile devices, cloud instances, workstations, servers, or virtual machines.

InvGate Assets is licensed by the number of workstations or servers (physical and virtual) that you need to manage. There is no license requirement for network scanned assets such as: network printers, routers, switches, firewalls, IP phones, etc. Manually entered or uploaded Fixed Assets also do not require a license.

How long does it take to implement/deploy InvGate products?

A basic deployment (with minimal feature utilization) of InvGate Service Desk can be live in less than an hour. This includes:

- Installation or hosted cloud creation
- AD and LDAP integration
- Technician group structure
- Service catalog category structure
- Email integration (optional)


A basic deployment (with minimal feature utilization) of InvGate Insight can be live in 15 minutes. This includes:

- InvGate Insight agent deployment and synchronization through GPO or WMI
- AWS, Azure, and Google Suite Admin integration

A basic deployment (with minimal feature utilization) of InvGate Assets can be live in 15 minutes. This includes:

- Installation
- Deploy the Agent on Active Directory (AD) through Group Policy Object (GPO)
- IP range(s) for network discovery

Can we try out InvGate Service Desk, InvGate Insight or InvGate Assets before buying?
Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial for each product. You can start your trial here.